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Alpine News Features

The following information has been provided by ACC SportSmart.
Ollie Hunt finds the goods in the Craigieburns
By Chill.

The rope tow is a lift system that can be a little tricky to master, once you do they’re a quick way skyward. With a few tips and a little perseverance you’ll soon be on your way, just remember, if you’re having trouble ask a local or a staff member.

By Sam Masters.

Every serious discussion about skiing with children should begin with an overview of effective parental contraception.

Words + Photography by Julie Gursha

A couple of weeks ago I visited the sweetest spot, seemingly out of a story book. Mt Lyford was my first ski field experience in New Zealand, and it was absolutely perfect.

By Anna Keeling.

Late December in Utah is like late July in New Zealand. I know because my family and I have been switching countries every December (go north) and July (go south)  for the past 10 years. 

By Ollie Hunt

With NZTA’s snafu regarding the alpine passes, I started thinking about how to counter the effects of potential powder day road closures.

By Ollie Hunt.

When I was about 10 I skied Fox Peak a few times with my family, and we experienced some epic powder days. 

By Ollie Hunt.

1. The Terrain

The terrain at the Selwyn six club fields is unrivalled.
By Ollie Hunt.

Jamesa Hampton had a great winter in New Zealand last year, winning the Premier event, the North Face Frontier with a fast paced, balls to the wall line. 

By Sam Masters.

Any student of skiing is naturally drawn to the Chinese philosophers of the Shang Dynasty (1400 BC) and the origins of Yin and Yang.